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We think, dream, explore, create and craft
innovative ideas and brands
based on human insights.

insight . strategy . innovation


We call it user-centric thinking: with the combination of insights and your promise we create relevance.



With agile thinking, directly injected into your decision-making processes, we ensure a future-proof plan.


New ideas leading to new possibilities and creating new value for your user and your company.

Work & Clients
Work & Clients
Meet the Master

Geert Stox


Meet the Master
About Brand Date

Why Brand Date?

Why Brand Date?

Today, companies and brands can only be successful when they are designed based on human-centred insights. Finding the right user-centric approach is key to have a meaningful and differentiating brand, product and service.


The New Economy is a result of changing power ratios between 'people', brands and organizations. It is redrawing all business and strategic models resulting in a completely different experience need.


Successful strategies connect with life and the world in which today's users operate. With their own aspirations and dreams, their own needs and desires and their own very practical way of living.


How do we help?

We help brands look at their user's world through their eyes and with their help. If appropriate in co-creating or in collaboration with all stakeholders.

We want to define the most appropriate connecting behaviour for brands. We create meaningful symbols with an added value in people's life.

What do we do?

  • We adapt to your need

  • Starting from a clear deliverable

  • Working from insight and user centricity

  • Putting user experience in the center

  • Listening to your concerns

  • Answering to your real needs

  • Working in transparency

  • Being agile all the time

  • Using one of our methods if suited

    • Foresigth Workshop

    • Connecting Statements Method

    • Brand Storytelling

    • Explorative Insight Research

    • Evolutionary Strategy

  • Adapting our method to your need, not the opposite

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